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CTS-HP140 Handheld Metal Detector

() - 06/30/2014

1.High sensitivity  2.Detects both magnetic and non-magnetic metals  ,eod robot;3.Very high reliability  4.Self-calibrating

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() - 12/18/2013

BEIJING, Nov. 3 Yichang Electric (Yang Zilin Dong Xiaobin) Hubei Changyang a villager rider unintentionally tumble sinkhole, as rescue employees absence skilled gear, several rescue all with out results. November converse two, from Hubei Wuhan, Yichang and Xiangyang a few caves Affiliation group, th...

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() - 12/18/2013

In accordance with Itar-Tass described that Russian know-how and products source export company considering that November fourteen, commenced transport for the United states of america final batch of weapons-grade uranium from low-enriched uranium attained,ugg boots, which marks Russia is nearing co...

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() - 12/15/2013

Xinhua Beijing November 1 electrical 1 November, Chinese State Press and Publication Administration of Radio, responsible people converse "Express" Chen Yongzhou investigation of the cases published shoes talk,uggs sale, requires national news agencies and news reporters learn, requiring local press...

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() - 12/15/2013

People 11 mbt shoes January 5, according to CNN, New Jerseys largest purchase ugg boots mall on the 4th night when the shooting occurred near the end of business shoe,mbt scarpe, witnesses said the number in a few seconds to hear the sound gunshots. According to reports, the shooting occurred at aro...

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() - 12/15/2013

New York 1new balance sneakers1 news agency Xinhua February 10 (Reporter Li Yang), Tokyo, Japan in 1942 the U.S. air raids of World War II veterans at midnight local time last gathering was held in the United States, by the outside worlds attention. The evenings activities are in Ohio at the Nationa...

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() - 12/15/2013

This kind of cases occurred in Beijing has not nevertheless been XingJu WASHINGTON six gentlemen in excess of males posing as law enforcement ugg doorway "arrested person" on the target of extortion. A father and son is dependable for delivering a colleague or clients address, as extortion object. L...

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() - 12/12/2013

Xinhua Xinhua Shijiazhuang, November 18mbt 18converse sale held in Hebei Province to combat environmental pollution crimes "sword cut pollution" special action television and telephone conference, Hebei Province Public Security Department explicitly require that cross administrative ugg domain crime...

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BEIJING, Nov. 1, according to Japanese news agency claimed jointly converse all star, the Japanese Coastline Guard 11th District Headquarters (positioned in Naha) 1, said Coastline Guard patrol boat on the exact same day about fifteen:20, the Diaoyu Islands yellow tail Island one hundred forty km no...

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() - 12/12/2013

People Beijing November 15 electricity Third Plenary Session of the Partys eighteen passed the "CPC Central Committee on major issues comprehensively deepen reform decisions," and proposed the scientific macro-control, effective governance is to play the socialist market economic system The mbt shoe...